For our japanese friends in english …Thanks to Oliver we`ve got the Email address from Miyuki. Oliver used to work with Miyukis boyfriend at Nokia. Due to the fact that we have our last days in Tokyo before we flying back on wednesday we organized a kind of blind date with Miyuki and her friends to have a traditional shabu shabu dinner. Before we met Miyuki we met her friend Sumiko at the metro station Harajuku. Sumiko showed us the beautiful Meiji shrine where a traditional japanese wedding was just held.

Perfect timing. After the shrine we walked through the fashion destrict and had a coffee before we met the rest of the team for our first shabu shabu. The dinner was such a great fun – especially June was giving his best to make a great entertainment show for us – easy tiger – especially in the summer time. In japanese: chotto matte or what we say in german: ruhig Brauner ;-)))
The food was great – we say oyshikatta and arigato for the great dinner and the wonderfull evening.